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I write original and well-optimized content that attracts and converts your target audience.

Some of the Amazing Brands I’ve Worked With

Businesses Lose Over $396 Billion to Poorly Written Content

crap writers

Why would anyone want to waste money on crappy texts with no SEO Benefits?

It often starts with a pitch from a wanna-be writer and ends up with wasted time. The best they often do is stuff keywords all over the article, attracting Google’s penalties to your site.

A study showed that the wasted time and resources in contracting such writers, exchanging feedback, and trying to comprehend poorly written content costs over $396 billion in the US alone.

Why go through such pain, when you can hire a professional blockchain content writer with a proven track record in helping Web3 businesses attract traffic and leads.

Don't Opt for a General Content Creator.
Hire a Dedicated SEO Blockchain Content Writer

Being a specialist makes a writer more experienced and reliable than counterparts who write for any niche or industry.

However, there are many time-wasters claiming to be specialists that will still serve you a page-load of crap.

Yea. Anyone who knows bitcoin and probably knows how to use Microsoft Word can claim to be a freelance cryptocurrency writer.

That’s why you should entrust your content marketing needs in the hands of a proven professional crypto writer with utmost business ethics.

My 6+ years in the crypto world as a trader, analyst, and content writer has earned me practical knowledge of the blockchain world—how it works, trends, jargon, leading projects and so much more. 

As a Specialist, I Niched Down My Content Marketing Services to the Following


While it remains the rave of the moment, existing and emerging brands need to establish industry authority with value-rich metaverse-focused articles.


Get high-converting copies, blog posts, PRs, and web content that resonates with the vibrant and fast-growing NFT community.


Well-researched and expertly written content on cryptocurrencies, crypto price predictions, exchanges, DEX aggregators, and DeFi projects.


Articles, litepapers, whitepapers, technical content, ad copies, and social media posts for blockchain brands and blockchain-dependent projects.

A Summary of My Service Offerings

  • SEO Content Strategy

    Leverage the power of premium SEO tools and expertise to grow your brand's visibility and engagement.

    Building a viable content marketing plan involves identifying your unique buyer's persona, the right content to share with them, and the befitting platforms.

    However, your key branding message sits at the center of your SEO content strategy, and all topic clusters and contents will resonate around it.

  • Keyword Research and Topic Clusters

    Get easy-to-rank keywords with rich search volume that your competitors are yet to dominate.

    But why stop here when we can also spy on your competitors to know all the LSI keywords you can leverage on.

    I'll use these keywords to build topic clusters that position your site or blog as a thought leader in your core niche.

Keyword Research and Topic Clusters
SEO Content Writing
  • SEO Content and Copywriting

    One piece of content is not sufficient to help you rank above your competitors. On the contrary, you need several pieces of content that interlinked to boost your brand's domain authority.

    Using the researched keywords and your key branding message, I'll develop various engaging content that aligns with your audience's search intent, providing real value to them.

    You can rest assured that each piece of content will tick all boxes for SEO while offering optimum readability.

Why Choose Me as Your SEO Crypto Writer

  • Well-researched and engaging content that suits your target audience
  • Experience-based writing approach from an expert crypto trader
  • Original content reviewed by a professional editor
  • SEO-friendly content that ticks all the right checkboxes
  • Excellent delivery within schedule and amazing response to your feedback
  • High traffic and better ranking on Google Search Engine
  • Build authority in your industry and generate organic leads