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I Sold My First 0.71 BTC for Less Than $600


Hi, my name is Nonso Nwagbo and I wasn’t born a crypto expert.

After bagging my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2016, I decided to take my writing skills more seriously.

I didn’t know much about blockchain, so I tried my hands on general writing gigs to earn quick bucks while building a career path around Content Writing.

In December 2016, someone talked me into buying bitcoin. The hype was so much that I used almost all I had to buy 0.71 BTC for about $600.

I would have smiled to the bank with over $47K profit when bitcoin’s price hit an all-time high of $67K in 2021. But unfortunately, I had sold it off in January 2017 for less than $600.

Yea. You’re free to cry for me. I deserve that. Lol.

Clearly, I’ve made my fair share of crypto investment mistakes. On the positive side, that wrong trade drove me into active crypto trading while learning more about blockchain technology.

A couple of years later, I niched down my writing services to focus more on my new core interest—blockchain.

Today, I use my vast practical experience in the industry as a crypto writer and investor to offer premium content marketing services to a plethora of brands.

With 1000+ SEO content written for scores of clients in the crypto space, NFTs, DeFi, the Metaverse, and the blockchain world at large, I’ve built a reputable track record of competence and expertise that makes me a great fit to market your project.

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  • I have a great understanding of search psychology and how best to tailor content to meet your target audience’s peculiar needs. 
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