Cryowar NFT Game Review: How To Play and Earn

A report by Accenture pegs the value of the gaming sector at over $300 billion, with over 40% of the world’s population playing at least one game every day. 

According to the same report, the industry increased by over 500 million users in the last three years. These estimates soared during the Covid pandemic, following the launch of NFTs and metaverse games.

Cryowar is a Solana-based NFT metaverse game looking to disrupt the current gaming market. As a Web3-based project, there are many things to learn about it. This guide will outline Cryowar’s features and its potential launch date.

What Is Cryowar Game?

Cryowar is a Solana-based VR multi-player game designed on Unreal Engine. The platform was created in 2020 by Nikolai Petrovich, Mariyan Boychev, Alessandro Ciavola Pennelli, and Konstantina Georgieva. 

Its partnerships with VCs and DeFi foundations helped it raise funds to build its ecosystem to its current level. In addition to partnerships, it raises funds through its utility token ($CWAR), which it also uses for marketing and paying developers.

Cryowar claims to be the next-gen game built on a blockchain—proving this claim by introducing traditional gaming on the Solana blockchain. On March 10, 2022, the project took its beta testing phase live, where it got majorly positive feedback.

Cryowar Game

Unlike many Solana metaverse games running online, Cryowar is a full-package game with Web3 integrations such as free-to-play, play-to-earn, and even decentralized entry and experience.

On many Solana metaverse projects, you have many options for customizing your digital items or NFTs; an example is Solice. On Cryowar, however, the game is built-up to the brim, and all you need to do is hop on the wagon and play exclusively.

Although free-to-play, you’ll need to buy extra features or NFTs—using Cryowar’s utility token, $CWAR—that enhance your gaming experiences, such as armories and battle weapons.

The Cryowar NFT and Cryowar Token: Key Differences

Cryowar NFTs are collectibles and utilities used to play the game. Examples are armories, weapons, protective gear, skills and power packs, skins, and lands, among other items. 

The Cryowar token on the other end is the utility token powering the metaverse game. Players will use the token to buy the Cryowar NFTs and earn interest by staking them in decentralized exchanges (DEXes). 

While many sources list $CWAR as a promising metaverse coin, I’ve dedicated a section examining this claim. The section also talks about $CWAR’s price prediction.

How To Buy Cryowar Token

As I mentioned earlier, you will need the Cryowar token to buy the game’s NFTs and participate in staking. Knowing where and how to buy the token should be among your top priorities if that’s the case.

$CWAR is still a rising token, and many exchanges are yet to list it on their markets. A few exchanges to list the token include, KuCoin, Bybit, MEXC, BitForex, and Raydium.

Here are the steps to follow to buy $CWAR (Using as an example):

  • Visit or any of the abovementioned crypto exchanges.
  • Sign up and complete KYC (if you’re a first-timer).
  • Deposit funds (ETH or USDT) to your wallet, then your trading wallet.
  • Search’s market for “CWAR/ETH or CWAR/USDT pairs.”
  • Click your choice market and go ahead to place a buy order. (The market you choose depends on the underlying tokens in your trading wallet, so choose wisely).
  • Send the tokens to a valid Solana wallet once the trade order completes.

How to Buy Cryowar NFTs

At the time of writing, Cryowar has not launched its exclusive NFT marketplace or partnered with any marketplace to sell its NFTs. It will launch its NFT marketplace in collaboration with DeFi protocol Stardust.

Stardust is a multichain solution that enables dApps or metaverse projects to integrate NFTs into their games or projects through smart contracts API. 

Cryowar will begin NFTs sales before the end of Q4 2022, according to information on its roadmap.

Cryowar Roadmap

Playing the Cryowar Solana Metaverse Game

Before we highlight the principles of playing the Cryowar Solana metaverse game, it is good we understand what makes it a play-to-earn game.

How Does Play To Earn Work Within Cryowar?

Cryowar is a p2e game because you can play and earn rewards as you progress, typical of many metaverse projects. So what’s special about Cryowar’s p2e system? Here’s what you should know.

The players must take on other players in 1v1 or more sessions. Assuming you battle other players whose character is rich with NFTs and $CWAR tokens, you stand a chance of earning from their excesses if you win.

If you’ve played an arcade game, you must be familiar with the principle above: kill or conquer another player or scale past a mission and earn additional points. In Cryowar’s case, you’ll get $CWAR tokens which you can stake in a decentralized exchange.

As I mentioned earlier, Cryowars is free-to-play but will incur fees in some game packages, such as NFT tournaments and duels.

Image Credit: Cryowar

How To Play Cryowar Solana Metaverse Game

Cryowar designed its plot as a Sci-Fi battleground where players must protect their territories or resources or dominate others’ territories or resources—only the strongest make it to the leaderboard.

To be strong, you must dominate other people’s territories. And to do this, you must have all armories and resources to conquer these territories. 

You can play the cryowar Solana metaverse game on your mobile or desktop devices. The game is pretty fast-paced and requires utmost focus.;

Cryowar’s gaming categories include:

  • Player vs. player (PvP) Last man standing
  • PvP top score in 5 mins
  • PvP deathmatch
  • Live tournaments in real-time
  • PvP battle arena
  • Player vs. Environment (PvE) co-op epic boss fights
  • PvE co-op survival mode

Every mission likely ends in 3 minutes, especially for instant games. You do not choose the mission to play in instant games—Cryowar chooses it for you. On other special games, the timing could be up to five minutes.

NFT-based missions allow you to rip others off their NFTs and tokens. To play this type of mission, you must own NFTs or $CWAR.

What Is Cryowar Price Prediction 2022?

Cryowar launched its token sale on 10 November 2021. While the hype was so much around the project, its token price soared to $4.74 on 29 November the same year.

At the time of writing (14 April 2022), the price of $CWAR sits at $0.21, 95.41% down from its all-time high. There are a few factors leading to this downward slope of the token:

We may attribute the first to the crypto “fear” index on the FDI monitor, then others to factors around the project launch.

$CWAR has continued to dip when viewed from the yearly time chart—a bad image for the token and the project. However, many metaverse coins have suffered the same fate.

Considering its low price, this could likely be a good time to buy and HODL the $CWAR. Looking at the $CWAR charts, you could see the “fear” sentiment written over and leaving the Cryowar price prediction on probability. 

The project’s launching could send a glimmer of hope to early investors. Otherwise, negative news from the project will keep the ship sinking to a price lower than the current one at the time of this prediction.

How To Invest in Cryowar

There are a couple of ways to invest in Cryowar:

  • buying and staking its utility token, 
  • trading it in crypto or P2P exchanges
  • buying and selling its NFTs in the secondary market

You may try out all 3 investment options independently as an exclusive DeFi investor or a player.

I’ve addressed how to buy the Cryowar token in the previous section. Buying the Cryowar NFT, on the other hand, may come in handy while you play the game.


What Is Cryowar Crypto?

$CWAR is the token powering the metaverse project. There are 1 billion tokens released and 93 million in supply at the moment. The token has a market cap of $19,706,459 and ranking #2973, according to CoinMarketCap. Cryowar will use most of the token supply for staking, payments, and marketing purposes.

Is Cryowar Playable?

Cryowar did a soft launch of its beta-tested platform in Q1 2022. It will do further testing in Q2 2022 to determine the extent of the game’s compatibility. 
At the moment, its development team is working to make the game cross-platform. When Cryowar completes its beta testing by May, it will do a soft launch for the game, then can it be playable.

Where Can I Play Cryowar?

Cryowar is working to make the game cross-platform, hence playable on all devices: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Unless you are selected to participate in its beta testing programs, you cannot play the game at the moment.

How Do You Get Cryowar?

You may get Cryowar tokens ($CWAR) on crypto exchanges supporting the token, such as, Bybit, KuCoin, etc. The Cryowar NFTs will enter the market when the project fully launches a marketplace and the game.

Is Cryowar Free To Play?

Yes, Cryowar is free-to-play. However, as you progress into the game, you will need to buy some features such as NFTs using the $CWAR token.

Is Cryowar Play To Earn?

Cryowar is a play-to-earn (p2e) metaverse game deployed on the Solana blockchain. You earn rewards as you progress in the game or take up challenges from other players in real-time.

Is Cryowar a Real Game?

Of course. Cryowar is a real-action-packed game designed with one of the industry’s best VR software: the Unreal Engine 5.

Is Cryowar Game a Good Investment?

Cryowar game appears to offer great promises like many up-and-coming Solana metaverse games. Being built on the Solana blockchain gives a chance to top the metaverse gaming industry alongside its marketing strategies. 
Many investors could still be betting on Ethereum at the moment. However, if Ethereum does not work on its gas fees and scalability problems, investors may begin looking up other blockchains such as Solana.
Until then, Cryowar is an exciting project to try. Investing in the project should be based on your interest in metaverse games, especially now that many skepticisms are surrounding these projects.

When Is Cryowar Game Release Date?

Cryowar’s release date is dependent on how successful its beta testings go. Originally scheduled for a soft launch by Q4 2022, the project will do pre-launches to determine how far the project could go in the meantime.

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